For Better Hallway Vision – Mr Bigg Makk | Artist of New Media

Description:  This piece is called “For Better Hallway Vision”.  It is a reference to the movie “The Breakfast Club”.   It is a quote from John Bender.  Since I love referencing the 80’s, the sunglasses Bender gave to Johnson in the film inspired this piece.  The 1980’s fashion was loud and always over the top….



The Two Delevingnes | SURJ LA | ART

Title:  The Two Delevingnes

This pays homage to One of Frida Kahlo’s painting’s that resides in the art museum of Mexico City — “The Two Fridas.” The imagae is similar, with Cara Delevingne as the muse for this double portrait. The heart, is less macabre and more POP, pulled from Banksy’s painting. This is a fun, somewhat dark piece. . . . The Two Delevingnes

Artist:  Surj LA