Serene Starry Night – Surj | Official

The ultimate villain, The Joker, is normally a radical.  Not in this piece.  Here he takes a serene joy ride on this fine “starry night”.   It is a multi-layered stencil spray with a mix of pleasing colors. • Product: Framed Print • Image Size: 16.000″ x 9.875″ • Total Size: 21.75″ x 15.63″ • …


Art from Surj featuring The Joker.  Pretty sweet


Yoda 81 

Yoda (Fishing 1981) – This is Yoda channeled through my vision of Basquiat. The color pallet remains intact. We have all the nuances, and CROWNS! War paint and colors abound . . .. and the exclamatory COPYRIGHT symbol. Throw in the fun factor . . . . You’ve got Yoda like you’ve never seen. The …


Cool piece from Surj the artist.