Jack Nicholson pop art portrait by Surj

Source: www.surjart.com

Art portrait of Jack Nicholson, Actor

BY: SURJ, Artist


Serene Starry Night – Surj | Official

The ultimate villain, The Joker, is normally a radical.  Not in this piece.  Here he takes a serene joy ride on this fine “starry night”.   It is a multi-layered stencil spray with a mix of pleasing colors. • Product: Framed Print • Image Size: 16.000″ x 9.875″ • Total Size: 21.75″ x 15.63″ • …

Source: www.surjart.com

Art from Surj featuring The Joker.  Pretty sweet

Yoda 81 

Yoda (Fishing 1981) – This is Yoda channeled through my vision of Basquiat. The color pallet remains intact. We have all the nuances, and CROWNS! War paint and colors abound . . .. and the exclamatory COPYRIGHT symbol. Throw in the fun factor . . . . You’ve got Yoda like you’ve never seen. The …

Source: www.surjart.com

Cool piece from Surj the artist.  

“Chin Up” – Surj | Official

Denver Street Art 2016 Here is a great snap of the 40 ft. Mural ‘Chin Up’ by Denver based artist SURJ, part of the ‘Duct work’ project underneath I-70. The mural is meant to represent battle tested spirit of the community that surrounds the area. With the bold, striking colors, the image is both potent …

Source: www.surjart.com

Duct Work Art Project Transforms the Viaducts Under I-70


The viaduct walls at York Street and 46th Avenue have been changed into a public-art installation — one that’s eventually doomed, since the passage beneath I-70 will be scraped and rebuilt by 2018. But for now, a cleanup of the area (no more dead pigeons) makes this stretch more walkable than ever before, and a suitable canvas for 23 local artists. See work by Thomas Scharfenberg, Yiannis Bellis, Sandra Fettingis, Gamma, Dread, Chris Haven, Anthony Garcia, Jesse Frazier, Surj, Paige Madden, Demi Deherrera, Ark Artiste, Patrick McGregor, Tuke, Gio, Victor Escobedo, Javon the Unique, Thomas Evans and many more